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Vernal Equinox Planetary Boosting session

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:33 am    Post subject: Vernal Equinox Planetary Boosting session Reply with quote

Boosting with the Vernal Equinox ~ Re-birthing of Mother Earth

There were four of us this powerful day who met up for our scheduled vernal equinox boosting session, we had already all prepared for a powerful session, Larina, kristy, lilly and I already anticipated we would receive messages and guidance from many of the forces that were summoned this night. There was alot of psychic energy gathering both kristy and Larina are psychic and receive alot of their own messages from the spirit world, we focused on raising the energy and connecting with celestial energies.

We began boosting each other as we usually do, Kristy and Larina were pleasantly surprised by the presence of such powerful energies in the chatroom as it was their first experience in our boosting sessions, they both intuitively knew what to do, both are healers and it's always great working with other healers, we summoned the elements and angelic forces there weret 4 of us in the room, which s always the first of the messages, the angels guide by numbers, 4 was the number of the Medicine wheel, we would be entering a new beginning where it is necessary to clear out the old so that the new would flourish, the medicine wheel is a powerful shamanic symbol and as we work with the energies available, what better way then to bring in the power of the elements and allow them to influence the direction of things- it was time for endings, transitions and healing of old way and old wounds!

We all made a personal intention for the new year, spring time marks the time of natural beginnings and the cycle of new seasons, 'New day', in Persian it is the actual new year celebration that conjuncts perfectly with the True solar year called Norooz or New day.

During the time we were boosting each other, we could see powerful connections being created that connected us all on another level, we were able to feel each others deeper layers out and know more richly who one another were, we began boosting the whales especially the mythical Narwhal that Lilly had seen in her vision, Larina who is from the 'Land down under' Austrailia, has the great fortune of being in one of the most popular whale and dolphin domains on the Globe, offcourse she already knew of the Narwhal too, as we boosted this mythical creature, a few more of the mythical creatures appeared to greet us and let us know, they are no too far behind- the migaloo, Larina let us know that there actually was this type of mythical whale, this was another whale that came in Lilly's dream.
Boosting a connection with the sea creatures really blew us away, we began to chant while we were boosting, the whales were giving us a DNA boosting, and an energetic upgrade, we work with the angels so the energy is always a very high frequency, I think the whales were helping us raise a bit further to match the new vibrations we have been working with more expansively.

As we continued to boost, we were chanting, and there were waves of new energies, waves of peace and Om, the earth is rebirthing, it we were part of that ocean of life during this session, we were invited to experience what New life was going to be all about.--Metamorphisis - Transformation!

A more fine tuned and sophisticated earth consciousness is approaching, where energies will be engulfing - a union of higher vibrations creating a melody that is a new way of existing.

The days following the session began to unfold a little more the intensity of this new energy, I was almost 'floating in space- a new space ~ another realm the past 3 days, there is an accumulation of energies until now few have experienced, if you 'tune' into the universal forces, you will experience a place well all is in divine order, the unseen world is active and alive with new excitement it expands throughout the macrocosmic world and reaches in our very depths to call to each of us, 'Are you prepared for these energies of late?'

with brightest blessings!
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” rumi
Nur Illa' Hob!

"Haspiallah a'am al waqil, na'am al maula, na'am al nasir"66
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