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The power of WORDS

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Woman Warrior

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:45 am    Post subject: The power of WORDS Reply with quote

The power of WORDS - Spoken Words…

There are differences between words. Negative, positive, idle words, garbage, intelligent, and so on. For example: the difference between “Love Ya” and “I LOVE YOU”. We are so used with the words “Love you”… is just short and easy, but when you stop and think before saying I LOVE YOU in a conscious way it has a tremendous power. It acts like a boomerang; the energy comes back to us. Words don’t have power, we give them power, it’s as simple.
In spiritual counseling sessions, I ask people to use some very simple mantras/phrases like “I love myself’ etc… and then ask them to repeat with consciousness and passion, “I LOOOOOOOOOVE MYSELF” … energy lifts up immediately.
That’s why affirmations don’t work, or I should say some people’s affirmations don’t work. When an affirmation is spoken idle without passion it does not work.
One night during my astral journey, I was talking to a wise lady telling her how much I LOVE MY LIIIIFE! I kept repeating the same affirmation over and over, being super excited. The passion for life came from my very essence, my very core. Well… the smoke detector went off and my husband woke up annoyed saying: “Please!!! not again”… as he is used with my energy going wild when I am very excited… but that’s another story, it also has to do with kundalini and electric people phenomena. What I really want to stress here is the importance of passion, spirit behind thinking behind words.
The words that are “idle” “no color”, “no salt, no pepper” do not create. On the other side the words that have spirit, passion, “color” consciousness and you fill in the blanks can manifest FAST!!
Negative words don’t have power, is the intensity behind the thought that gives them power and fear behind them can be very intense and give negative power.
Ty it yourself, do it now!!! Just say it: “love you” without thinking…
Then take a deep breath and think LOVE, radiate love from your being, feel the power of the spirit and then say it “I love you” or ‘I love myself” or whatever comes.. Feel the difference between empty words and spirit words, different vibrations, isn’t it?
Idling talk is just wasting time preventing us from proceeding in life with wisdom. We have control over our lives, over our own words, change the way of thinking and add spirit to your words the your life will change.
remember… words have no power, we are the power behind words.
Power to the words!!!
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 02 Feb 2006
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2009 6:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Just wanted to add my tuppence to this thread;)

While taking steps and making efforts to say affirmations and recite them over and over, one should be aware, that all languages and words do not have the same power in energetic value as a sacred language, even if the mean the same thing.

For example, the word reverse, does not have the equal potency when being sounded or written as the word INVERS and this is because english is a physical, 3 dimensional dense language that does not penetrate into the multiverse. This is why the languages such as, aramaic, arabic, hebrew, sanskrit, latin and some others are known as divine or sacred languages.

This is because they penetrate much like symbols do, through to other realms, they reach other dimensions and evoke higher vibrations to come straight to the one who is uttering them, they have more then just a meaning, it is a concept on many levels.

It is true that english as well as other 3dimensional languages are able to change things on some levels, charge them, etc, and this is largely because our DNA and cellular blueprint understands symantics, it is afterall programmed through generations the blueprint of our forefathers, therefore our bodies will understand a multitude of languages that have been part of our gene pools.

Much the same can be said about the gregorian calendar, why is it, that we follow a measurement that seems out of alignment with what is going on with the celestial bodies, planets even the seasons in our own dimension?
Well thats because it is designed to keep us out of alignment with the cosmos, it is designed to keep us trapped in 3d, when we follow it, why not follow the phases of the moon? or the true solar year which would begin in spring- 21st of march to be exact, like the persian year, surely the year can't possible begin in the middle of winter the season where everything dies before it is reborn in the spring?

Have you not wondered why that is?

Well if you have you would have probably figured out that, by beginning something in the midst of a cycle, you will probably not be able to bring it to succession.

If you are in sync with the cosmos, you are expanding with it...

blessings to all
“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.” rumi
Nur Illa' Hob!

"Haspiallah a'am al waqil, na'am al maula, na'am al nasir"66
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