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Stress... Stagnant Energy in Body and Mind...

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 5:27 am    Post subject: Stress... Stagnant Energy in Body and Mind... Reply with quote

Yeah, what is preventing you from moving forward in life? That stagnant energy my friend is called Stress.

We cannot deny what happens in the world. We can shut our eyes and pretend we do not see but we cannot close our hearts and pretend we don’t feel. It is hard not to be stressed these days. The power to change how you feel about stress is inside You! It is what it is… But why do we have to get involved emotionally? Emotions are good as long as we do not convert them into bad stress.

Is stress good?

Some of it is. It makes you move and shake in order to achieve what you want. But when stress becomes triggered by something from the past and you react to it with anger or fear it will eventually create stagnant energy in the body.

And what stagnant energy does? It affects immune system that leads to illnesses and sabotages our success in any area of our life. Over 80% of illnesses are related to stress.

What are you gonna do about it?

It is a BIG difference between responding to stress and reacting to stress.

I had a two days long sessions with a lovely woman, very highly spiritual who was dealing with a lot of stagnant energy stuck in the form of stress. Her spirit could not roam free due to the dense energy in the other subtle bodies and physical body. To be honest it was hard for me not to get attached during the process she was going through.

Our work was a great success because she was not only fed up with the suffering but also ready to face the problem and willing to let go of stress that was causing her so much harm.

For the first time in her life she got in touch with her confidence, her true self. I saw her passion, I saw her aliveness, determination to overcome obstacles. Her entire face domineer has changed and looked much younger and happier after the sessions were completed.

Was the process easy?

NO!!! Absolutely not!

It took us two days to get to the root of the problem, we dug deep into childhood and although she has been doing A LOT of good work on herself we have still found “darkness” shrewdly hidden in the cracks and crevices of her spirit and body.


Stress is triggered by emotions like anger, rejection, abandonment etc that is rooted in the past.

The other day I have found myself in a fearful stress situation and asked my higher self. “What is causing this“?

Don’t you love connecting with the psychic spirit in you? I do! It tells me where to go, what to do, how to do it. Then, Problem solved.

“Why am I panicking?“ I asked my spirit?
I realized it was my fears reacting to unexpected situations from my past. My body tensed in a split second, my jaw clenched, my stomach started hurting and my heart was beating fast. It felt like all my cells were shaking with fear. I observed myself and stayed in this situation for a few seconds and I said to myself: STOP, Breath, Chill…
I kept observing myself and noticed I was experiencing a similar fearful situation from the past. I went back in time to the root where I saw myself as a child being “home alone” shaking with fear, wishing that my parents would come back home soon. Aha I said to myself: “that is the unsupported feeling of abandonment”.

So the abandonment emotion from childhood triggered the amount of stress that I was experiencing in this stressful situation. As a child I didn’t have the power to deal with this emotional issue but realized as an adult I could keep this situation under control as I have tons of tools and tricks up my sleeves.

The moment I realized that the emotional stress was triggered by unsupported emotions from the past, I shifted the energy to my advantage and of course the emotional issue was history.

You can control your stress if you choose to.

Just stop whatever you are doing, take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Ask your higher self (your spirit) what emotions from the past are surfacing right now and direct your awareness to where the stress feels in your body. What negative emotions are you experiencing?

Then allow your higher self to respond to you by being silent in receiving mode.

The more work you do on yourself the more space you create to invite healing energies.

Most of the stress related problems, perhaps more then 90% I have noticed in my healing sessions, come from childhood and unless they are addressed and healed it is almost impossible to move forward.


Life is way to precious and short to hold on to the grudges and not to enjoy because there is a beautiful aspect of life if we open our spiritual eyes and see everything through gratitude glasses. We have forgotten how gratitude feels like that’s why we suffer…

We have choices: to react as children that suffered in the past or to respond with wisdom and power as adults.

The Choice is yours!

I love hearing from you. If this work for you, share with me please. Your feedback keeps my fire burning…

Much Love,


PS: If you feel like you are stuck and need help I am happy to serve you.
Visit our Services page for more info.
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