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Boosting ABDUCTORS and the ones responsible for 911

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:04 pm    Post subject: Boosting ABDUCTORS and the ones responsible for 911 Reply with quote

Boosting ABDUCTORS and the ones responsible for 911 - Sept, 24th, 2006

Cristina had a very weird, unpleasant experience during her sleep last week. After she told me about her experience, Donna and I boosted her and her abductors.
We discovered some sort of cloaking technology, military and alien involvement. We discovered wires (Donna mentioned cross wires) which are beams - signals sent to the brain to induce paralysis. For some reason her head was not immersed in the beam so she didn’t pass out. We suspect her orgone pendant with charged water I sent her some time ago and the dolphin balls made with zam zam water were protecting her mind from passing out. Although she was completely numb and in deep shock she put herself together and started to pray continuously. Her prayer and faith saved her from being abducted that’s because we human species are stronger than aliens and they do not have spiritual or physical shielding capability. Not all aliens spirits are evil, however who is trying to abduct one of us without our consent/agreement need to learn their lessons. Am I right? Wink

Tonight in the chat we boosted Cristina’s tormentors again as well as our abductors.

How many of us have been abducted and we don’t remember?
Do you have a feeling that you’ve been abducted but you don’t remember?
How many of us remember?

These abductions are nasty and are done without our consent and the ones responsible need to be punished!

I remember when I was a kid, I used to hear constant drum noises in my head right before falling asleep and then I would pass out without remembering anything afterwards. One time it happened when I was awoke and I remember the feeling of not being worthy, someone was telling me that no one loves me, everything around me is fake and this whole world is a joke. Two years ago I heard the same noise in my head, while taking a shower and my mind was about to go blank. I knew they were coming, I started to fight them back, moving my arms, legs and boosting back. I was not taken, because I decided to say NO MORE! Many of us do not get abducted anymore because we know how to deal with them.

When Donna and I boosted Cristina’s tormentors, we’ve found a bug inserted in her belly button in order to block her heart chakra. A blockage in the heart chakra (the LOVE CENTER) does not only block the normal energy flow, it blocks the crown chakra - connection with the divinity (reached mostly when one prays or meditate).

Fortunately the tormentors could not abduct her because she fought them thru prayer. She also believes the orgone dolphin balls I sent her helped her to stay focused on her prayer and be protected.

We boosted abductor's dimension, their cloaking devices and machines used for abductions with Donna asking us to ark and send abductors and their machinery into the abyss.
Constantin had this flash while boosting: “it was this energy pushing us up towards this bright light and at the same time the other energy was pushing down the abductors into the abyss, …as requested”
Mike and myself have similar visuals like Constantin’s.

I was getting "magnetic fields", "bunkers" and "hives". We believe the abductors use magnetic technology and its weird that if I look at some crop circles pictures (not all, some of them) sometimes my mind goes blank for a second or two. Interesting…

Donna asked us to connect to papimi machines while boosting since the fields/beams they are using are magnetic.
I was “seeing” military coffins and we all wondered what they have to do with abductors. Well, me thinking… are they using abductions to make people enroll in the army? Rolling Eyes

Next: Boosting for the ones responsible for "911"

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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2006 6:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Boosting all responsible for 911 demolition - Sept, 24th, 2006 - Part 1

After “working” on abductors we all agreed to boost all responsible for the 911 demolition, an the almost perfect show put up by the elite, the worst satanic ritual ever. If you haven’t seen the video on 911 demolition, I suggest you do it.

There were many people involved in this huge demolition created by big explosions, so we want all these people be held accountable. We boosted some of them.

We were discussing what to boost for:
-people who worked on planting explosives in the buildings, I am sure they were quite a few. If every other floor of the building was planted with explosive, than many workers were involved.
-we discussed names like Larry Silverstein- the leaseholder of WTC, a commercial real estate tycoon who took huge advantage from these demolitions an dperhaps people's deaths- insurances and such
-Thomas W. Eagar - a professor who explained the official story and fake scientists

I was about to mention NORAD, CIA, other politicians involved in 911, when my computer shut down out of blue. It only shuts down when I am in the chat while working on something big Mafia doesn’t like. It never happens otherwise. Boost their technology whenever you remember, please!

Mike proposed to boost 5 min for EXPOSURE, an important thing parasites and liars fear.
While boosting I saw a blonde woman who was killed inside one of the towers asking us to boost for exposure, in fact there were quite a few requesting EXPOSURE. These people who were sacrificed need to rest in peace.

NORAD kept coming to my mind, we needed to boost NORAD, I was getting a man called Victor behind NORAD whom we boosted as well. Constantin said: “NORAD sent the military jets towards east, above the Atlantic ocean to look for the hijacked planes, apparently they said, it was a "mistake", sure the military can't tell east from west, that's understandable”

Mike kept seeing Cheney’s “ugly head”.
We boosted Larry Silverstein’s heart if he has any, Donna arking his “non-heart“. Looking at his forehead I see many people who died that day, he carries their deaths in his head. I hope God will sort him out. Some of us experienced pain in our hearts.

We all agreed 911 needs more boosting so we ask all who read this to join us this coming Thursday and boost for the ones responsible for this ugly show, “911” and of course for EXPOSURE.

Suggested targets:

Scientists including Thomas W. Eagar who deceive people
The ones who benefit from WTC demolitions including Silverstein
Rudy Giulianni who knew what was happening
Bushes, Ashcroft, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and the whole gang
Media - Note there are some good guys in the media, lets boost their throat charkas not to be afraid to expose the traitors and liars
All witnesses of that day
Real scientists who speak the truth
People requesting the truth
Real investigators
All people who participated in this demolition, if there are any alive, boost them to come forward and speak the truth
Banks, bankers, corporations involved
US secret Services
And don’t forget to boost the ones who became victims to demons greed

May God helps and protects us all.

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Last edited by Lilly on Sat Nov 11, 2006 7:31 am; edited 1 time in total
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Joined: 25 Feb 2006
Posts: 29

PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 12:59 pm    Post subject: Boosting all responsible for 911 demolition - Part 2 Reply with quote

As listed above, we had quite a few targets to get to. I was late to the party, but the rest of the gang got started promptly. Lilly announced that she would throw out names of targets, and the rest of us would send all the love we could muster. The following entities were targeted...


At this point, Constantin mentioned that he envisioned the love that he was sending as penetrating a wall, and melted the people behind the wall. "like provalone cheese on top of my fried eggs". Constantin was obviously hungry, to be making such a comparison. ; )

Lilly mentioned that she got that FEMA would soon undergo a change, maybe in structure, or perhaps just in name. After it's failure at hurricaine Katrina, the public has seen FEMA for what it really is - Or at least they have come to realize that it has nothing to do with helping American citizens.

Next Targets:

9/11 Planners (including Cheney, Bush Sr.)

At this point, the crew began to notice that the energy that was being released was unusually intense, leading to the conclusion that we were getting a LOT of outside help with our work.

Rudi Giulianni
The Mainstream News Media

Constantin mentioned that he saw both good people and "agents" reporting news, and the agents were not able to "hold their shape". They will soon be exposed in the public eye for what they are. And by that, I mean: For the frauds they are.

We also spent some time boosting the people who did the grunt work of mounting the explosive charges in the buldings. Lilly got that many of them thought that their job wasn't finished, and were called in to "work" on the eleventh, and so most of them died in the towers on that day. This makes sense, since anyone who was involved in this work (and had a conscience) would talk about this. They needed to be silenced.

Tony mentioned that some of the "outside help" that we were getting with boosting was from victims of the 9/11 tragedy. Lilly immediately knew this to be true, and shed some tears.

Constantin got that one of these "workers" who helped mount the charges in the buildings escaped, and headed "south", perhaps for the border. We guess he knew he was as good as dead when he didn't show up for work that day.

We spent a little time on : Larry Silverstein - owner of the WTC. Bought them months before the event, and took out a HUGE insurance policy on the WTC buildings for... You guessed it: A terrorist event. Of course, insurance companies NEVER (untili Larry came along) insure against terrorist events.

Lilly mentioned that she saw a large circle of Angels boosting with us. I have found myself asking for their help often lately. Even when I don't ask, sometimes I "see" them helping anyway.

We also went after the "usual suspects" the lieutennants that make all these horrible things happen: Condi, Rummy, Dick, Hillary, Kissinger. We sent them as much love as we could muster, and we had a pretty strong energy going at that point.

We made a lot of progress tonight. It is very important that we keep the pressure on these entities, etherically. There is much confusion on the subject of 9/11 in the US. There is a whole lot of disinformation floating around the internet, and just flat out lies being pushed in the Mainstream media outlets. Despite all this, people have serious questions about 9/11. These questions are spreading like wildfire. I strongly suspect that almost everyone has doubts about the official story, but their TVs lead them to think it's TABOO to question 9/11, but with each day, more people find the courage to ask the tough questions, and each time they do ask them aloud, they find more people who agree.

The Powers that Be (TPTB), in their frenzied attempt to get their agenda back on schedule, went too far that day. They were sloppy, and now they're acting very arrogantly, invoking 9/11 and the fear associated with it whenever people question their actions. The backlash from the public is growing at a pace even WE didn't anticipate. The truth about 9/11 will surface very soon, and I personally belive it will be the catalyst for the exposure of deeper secrets, and the revelation of larger truths, possibly resulting in the surfacing of a plot that has been formulated and carried out against humanity for THOUSANDS of years.

Remember to boost for EXPOSURE. It's the one thing these creeps can't have under any circumstances. Once they're exposed, they're helpless.
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Woman Warrior

Joined: 19 Jan 2005
Posts: 784
Location: God's land

PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 4:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Boosting for EXPOSURE AND THE TRUTH! that's what we did for a long time and it is coming into manifestation...

Never give up the truth... it might take a while...Jesse Ventura showed up and does all these "conspiracies therory" shows which is "shocking" for some people that still believe in Santa... I strongly believe our team boosting sessions made a difference. The result? Real, GENUINE, honest, authentic patriots show up and question the governmenet, authorities, and spread the truth without FEAR, based on heart center, with integrity...

here is the first part - 9/11 on youtube:
follow the other 10 episodes on what happened on 911...

I am just praying and boost that more MEDIA (thats the most powerful tool we can use) guys will follow and also people that are in power and have integrity to start questioning and the responsible for 911 be made accountable for their actions.
Since when questioning is unpatriotic? I like Jesse's vibration... he comes from the heart place, takes no crap from anyone and has authority...
TRUTV is one of our boosting answers!! More to come!
Power to orgone, power to boosting!!!
Love and blessings to all
May the truth prevails!
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