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Sacred Cave, Temple Healing Moon Transmission ~ Thailand

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 13, 2015 2:01 am    Post subject: Sacred Cave, Temple Healing Moon Transmission ~ Thailand Reply with quote

Our Sacred Journey through Thailand and Cambodia guided us to a breathtaking Cave, Buddhist Temple in Thailand where I spent around 3 hours doing sacred spiritual work and healing.

I am inviting you to step into this Sacred Cave which is a Portal between light and darkness with me.

Here I held a powerful Full Moon Transmission which was supposed to be available for 72 hours, but Spirit said that every time you watch the video the energy of this transmission will be activated within you.

Healing Transmission was one of the most powerful Moon Transmissions I have ever held so far and it was quite complex, lasting for about 3 hours.

It consisted of cleansing; purging the stagnant stuff and negative energy we carry from the past including past lives; healing of the chakras, grounding and centeredness, protection, peace and mindfulness.

The entrance of the temple was guarded by monkeys.

The cave is protected and continuously cleansed by trees, which are known for aura cleansing.

Divine Feminine and Sacred Crying

One of the key elements that Spirit guided me to work with was the Raising of
the Divine Feminine Principle, as the world needs the feminine wisdom and balance
so much these days.

In fact the care givers of this temple are women monks which are rare in Buddhist Temples.

Another fascinating thing that happened here is that there were a few awakened,
light workers/healers women who they were doing sacred work here as well.

The moment I stepped into the Temple I started to cry.

The magnificence of the temple was beyond me.
I have noticed that another woman I kept running into was continuously crying.
During the 3 hours I kept weeping and bursting into tears, on and off for the entire healing transmission.

Crying is considered very healing and when women cry, Mother Earth heals, purifies and cleanses.

Watch the capture from the Moon Transmission. Pure Power of Healing Light!

3 Chambers of the Temple

The temple has three main chambers and I was guided to walk in meditation
and prayer through all of them while sendind the transmission.

I spent time in each and every chamber doing different type of healing work as per Spirit’s Guidance.

The third chamber was the most intense one.
It is the chamber of purging, releasing, cleansing and purifying.
Here you can feel you are right in the womb of Mother Earth, inside her darkness,
where there is powerful work to be done to release the past, karmic stuff,
past lives, pain, misery and suffering.

This was the most intense for me.

I spend time crying continuously and shaking uncontrollably.
Every time someone came to this chamber I was bursting into tears uncontrollably.

I asked spirit why. Spirit said: “we all carry life times of misery and suffering and pain
into this life time, so we need to become aware and start releasing the past”.
So crying is such a powerful way of releasing.

I spent quite some time doing healing work in front of a little altar where there is a hermit,
a Goddess, Shiva, an elephant and other animals and statues.

There were many altars, Buddha statues and shrines inside the temple but
I was attracted by this one in particular as I felt there is a lot of Psychic and Spiritual Power here.

Later I found out this statue is actually of a hermit called Lersi or Ruesi in Thailand,
which is a sage/ rishi, who dedicates his life to the Higher Spiritual Practice,
to acquire Supernatural and Psychic Abilities in order to assist other Living Beings
with healing in reducing suffering and pain.
It is considered a patron of medicine and it existed during Buddha’s time and they still exist today.

The Hermit sages spend time in meditation and yoga, developing psychic powers,
collect magical herbs and minerals, and they make special protective amulets or love charms.

So without a logical explanation I was picking up on this vibration and used the power of healing
of the Ruesi to cleanse, heal, purge so we can heal the suffering.
No wonder why there was so much crying specially in this chamber.

I feel that it was a breakthrough on a very deep level as since 2012 energies
have been of an intense ride rollercoaster and this work was needed to release the chaotic energy
that the rollercoaster has created.

Also in this chamber there was a staircase leading to the light, symbolizing that
there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

No matter how hard it is, there is always an opening and solution to every problem we face.

I had some issues myself here, getting sick to my stomach and cleansing not only my energy
but helping others cleanse their energy. Every time I would ask for help with cleansing and
centering there were tree leaves coming down the portal onto the Earth.
Was pure magic!!!

I felt like was in a Harry Potter movie, and everything was so real.
Here I could hear noises out of this world.

Second chamber required some more crying, releasing, healing and grounding.

There was so much clearing of the solar plexus where we hold fear, anxiety and tension
that prevent us from healing. Not to mention the ego can get stuck here.

So the main energy I worked with was the Power of Light which helps heal the detrimental ego
and also helps with centering.
There were rays of light magically coming down on me and I felt the blessings of the Light.

Here I was using a profound shamanic breathe and technique to keep the energies grounded into the Earth
and every time I was doing that, there was some wild response/noise coming from the cave.

The First Chamber was a delight to be in, a liberation.

The moment I stepped into the main (first) chamber the Buddha Consciousness came to help.
Peaceful, serenity and transcending energy took over.
After this intense work I was exhausted.

So coming to this chamber and just allowing the energies of healing and peace felt extremely good.
After intense work on self, there is the “letting go” time, where you leave the healing
to be taken over by a higher intelligence.
Cheers to Allowing!

My husband and I talked about this powerful experience we both had and how we grew and
got upgraded to a new level of consciousness.
Words will never explain this experience.

Emotional release

The entire transmission was an emotional release that rebooted my entire system.
The next day I had the afterglow and felt refreshed and nourished.

Welcoming the emotional release is very healthy as we carry a lot of baggage:
ours as well as others, especially if we are healers or light workers.

I say get good at recognizing and tending your emotional releases as wild
as they might be and then reboot your entire system.

My husband and I did some offerings to Buddha Consciousness at this temple
in the form of gold leaves for great relationships and abundance and prosperity and also orgone.

We have gifted the temple with a Protection Orgone Pendant for protection and healing,
a Dragon Orgone Pendant for Psychic and Spiritual Powers, Good Luck, Wisdom
and an Angel Orgone Pendant for connection with the angelic realms.

I hope you feel and enjoy the healing energy emanating from our experience and benefit from it.
Use it whenever you please as it is active and available at all times.

Peace and Blessings,

What People say about this Extraordinary Moon Transmission

I am extremely happy when people send me feedback about healing Moon Transmissions and my work.
That makes me do more for my fellow humans: for my brothers and sisters. They receive and extra blessing Wink
For those who send me feedback big Hugs and Deep Gratitude.
here is some beautiful feedback from beautiful souls who watched the video of the Transmission from Thailand and applied it.
I find it extremely valuable and deep. Thank you.

Hello Ms. Lilly
The video of your sacred tour through the Buddhist temple in Thailand is so powerful and beautiful.
I missed the moon transmission live, but when I watched the video I felt wave after wave of healing,
release and awareness.
My eyes were glued to the screen and my breath became deep naturally;
I was brought to a meditative state and a place of self reflection without judgements.
Through the whole video I just felt Spirit saying 'Let go' 'Release'.

I felt I was there with you, the soft rock beneath my feet, the smell of the air,
the warmth of the sunlight; the scent of the trees...
Everything was so vivid and alive, thank you so much for bringing us with you.

As you described the journey and each chamber, I felt the energies from each flowing through my body.

The other worldly sound you experienced in the chamber of light, I heard it, plain as day and
I saw immediately in my mind's eye a phoenix of light; A symbol of death and rebirth,
refining consciousness in the fires of light and resurrecting to a new way of being.

Thank you for the wonderful gift of this transmission and access to this sacred place.
I watched and meditated to the video during today's full moon transmission; So much power.

I intend on watching the video once every morning to tap into the healing and awareness..
I have the feeling each time I do the influence will be stronger and the things I understand about myself.
Thank you to Spirit for offering it to us indefinitely.

" Thank you Lilly for sharing this special video of the sacred cave in Thailand;
indeed I had tears in my eye’s when sawing this video of this beautiful powerful place..
these places makes me feel good and makes me glad to be on earth, instead of many many
“hard” places on her surface…..
the video also remembered me of a buddhist journey I had in 2011 in Thailand.
Lovely Easter weekend. Rob K. "
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